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May 2014

You win some, you lose some – Something I’ve been playing over and over again in my head since the re-launch of the magazine. Whilst we’ve had a large number of readers praise our change in direction; hailing it as a breath of fresh air, and the numerous copies we send to Afghanistan have supposedly been snapped up by various individuals, we’ve also received a handful of emails that have lambasted the re-launch.

We always knew this was going to happen, simply put some people do not like change and some people bought the magazine for the pure reason to see what the boys and girls in Afghanistan are up to. We realise we’ve changed the perspective of the magazine, we realise it was a sudden change but what you’ve got to realise is whilst we’re not going to change the direction we’re going in, we’re more than happy to take on criticism and aim to get the balance between new and old right; at least for the time being.

For those of you who have supported the re-launch, don’t worry – all the same editorial will be going in and will always be going in. We’ll have the same awesome cover features, the same brilliant comparative reports, the same informative gear and gun reviews. In fact come next month we’ll be expanding the magazine so there’ll be more of the brilliant new stuff that has got so many people interested in the magazine!

However, for those of you who are not happy with the change in emphasis, we’ll be bringing back Direct Action so you can see what our boys and girls are up to; or as the case is at the moment, what they’re not up to! Whilst we’ll always support our brothers and sisters in the British Armed Forces, what you guys who have followed Raider from the start need to understand is, that there is not an awful lot going on. We’ve unprecedented access into the Ministry of Defence’s media portal, as well as a number of friends who are current or ex serving – and from their own mouths, nothing is happening – we’ve one friend who has done nothing for the last month but inventory equipment, another who’s in Spain on teambuilding exercises, one who’s spent a couple of weeks shoring up houses in Somerset after the floods and another who has just got back from a skiing trip!

But enough of that, what have we got in store for you this month?! Following suit with our brilliant cover features, we’ve got another gem for you this month. We’ve spoke to none other than Ross Kemp regarding his latest series Extreme World, getting the lowdown on his views regarding the places he visited this time round. We speak to 24 year old Nikki Lane in Gunfighter and find out her views on the shooting world and Trampas takes a look at the classic PS-90. In terms of gear reviews we’ve the usual bundle of Essentials’ features as well as a comparative report with Snugpak on their well-received sleeping bag range.

All that and more in another jam packed issue of Raider!

Volume 6 Issue 12001 RAIDER COVER

April 2014

At the time of writing, we’re still yet to see a response for the first issue of the new and improved Raider as it’s yet to hit the stores, something that should show you how far in advance we work here in regards to deadlines. While we’ve been causing a huge buzz via social media and various blogs, it’s always hard to gauge how well something will do until it hits the stores, and until it does we’ll be anxiously waiting to see what kind of response we get.

Hopefully you guys, the readers will pick up the magazine and absolutely love what we’ve done with the magazine, and if that’s the case, over time you’ll be sure to see a magazine that will become an even firmer favourite, with various new features being implemented down the line. However, we’re very aware that with a change of direction, comes a change of readership. Some people may totally hate what such a change brings, their favourite feature may have been removed, they may not like the approach we’ve taken or they may simply not be interested in the new editorial in the magazine. To those people we ask you to give us a chance to get it right, to score the balance between new and old correctly! But to do so we need your help, please get in touch with us and let us know what you thought of the latest issue via our Facebook page ( or get hold of me via email (

So what have we got in store for you this month? Continuing our run of brilliant cover features, we speak to none other than Kelly Hall, Hot Shots model and all round nice girl about her reasons for getting behind the Hot Shots movement. We’ll be taking a look at British based Disciple Tactical and their brilliant range of MTP gear, perfect for you squaddies amongst us. Want more gear? We’ve got you covered with our Gear Zone and Essentials features, covering a wide range of equipment from protein shakes to pistol attachments and everything in between!

Are you more of an adrenalin junkie? If so we’ll be taking a look at the world of rock climbing, taking a look at some of the best spots around the globe and places you can ply your skills on home soil. We’ve also got a new survival section for you, where I’ll be taking a baptism of fire through a variety of simple survival tasks, this could be an interesting one and lets hope I don’t set the office on fire! Our resident gun nut; Trampas, will be getting on the range with the ???????? and on the subject of firearms, we’ll be bringing you the latest in computer gaming First Person Shooters in our Battle-tech feature.

There’s all this and more in this months Raider, so turn the page and get stuck in!

Volume 6 Issue 11001 RAIDER COVER

March 2014

So as you can most probably tell from the title, I’ve been reading waaaay too manyBatman comics over the Christmas period… Heck who doesn’t want to read about the Caped Crusader running around beating up various bad guys like the Joker and Penguin! But now you’re most probably sitting here thinking what does any of this have to do with the magazine?

Well, here comes the overstretched, vague and most probably not topical reason as to why I’ve tried to fit my overindulgence of Batman into the foreword… Over the past few months I’ve been working hard with the MD to re-launch Raider as a new entity, and with the great power of being Editor, comes the great responsibility of getting such a re-launch right.

I’d like to welcome you to ‘Raider’, a refinement of 6 years of brilliant hard work put in by various members of staff, with my contribution being the modernization of an already brilliant publication, bringing it up to date with some brilliant new features!

So what passed the test of time?! Firepower is here to stay but in an ever so slightly different format, taking a look at specific platforms as opposed to a brief insight into a certain firearm. Profiled will still being going strong, but in a Q&A format so we can get real close and personal with some of the go to brands and companies in the industry. Fighting Fit will continue to look at some of the best training programs out there for you and On Our Radar will still be providing you with various books, DVDs and other goodies! Battle-tech will still be bringing you the latest in technology and Tried & Tested will also be bringing you a variety of goodies under the new name of Essentials; covering four different areas as opposed to the original two/three we are used to seeing.

The new? Well here’s the good stuff! Each month we’ll be profiling a big name in the shooting world via a Q&A format when possible; however this month we thought it appropriate to look at the life works of a certain Russian icon. Gear Zone will bring you the best in group tests and Load Up will provide you with an overview of various companies product range. We know we’ve got a few adrenalin junkies amongst our readers so we thought it was time to take a look at all those Alpha Male Adventures available to us! We’ll also be bringing you the best in Car Reviews and Gadgets as well as bringing you a Cover Feature month in, month out.

This month I’m very proud of the Cover Feature we’ve brought to you, with hours of work going into what I believe is one of the best opportunities we’ve had in a long time. With the imminent DVD release of series 3 of Strike Back we’ve got an interview with the two main characters played by Phillip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton as well as some character profiles and an overview of the happenings of this season!

So without further ado, I sincerely hope you enjoy the first issue of ‘Raider’ as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together!

Volume 6 Issue 10 RAIDER COVER

February 2014

With Christmas now a thing of the past and the New Year in full swing, it’s time to look ahead, to fulfil those New Year resolutions and to really make 2014 your year! But before we get into the body of this month’s foreword I’d like to say that I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year’s Eve, regardless of where you are!

With the start of a New Year comes the ever closing pull out date for our boys and girls stationed in Afghanistan, something that brings us great joy. Give or take a year, Raider has been established as a troops’ favourite throughout the Afghanistan conflict; with thousands of copies going out to our boys and girls during the height of combat operations in the country, and we’ve covered both the highs  of the Afghan conflict – The impact they’ve all made to the Afghani natives, the bonds created between our own troops and other NATO allies, ousting the Taliban and picking apart Al-Qaeda and the lows – Those who made the ultimate sacrifice, the lives lost of some of the bravest men and women you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet.

We’ve provided you, the reader, with some invaluable information regarding kit, testing it so you don’t have to, we’ve covered the units, the weaponry and the vehicle, we’ve brought you closer into the world of the manufacturer’s you buy your kit from, putting a face to what was almost an alien entity for many of you and we’ve covered some amazing stories, ranging from charities doing what they can to help veterans, to some of the most inspiring interviews with amazing people, my favourite being an interview with a member of the US Armed Forces named Todd… One of the most inspiring young men I’ve had the pleasure to talk to.

I’ve also had the pleasure of getting some wonderful emails over the past month from soldiers, their wives and partners, singing our praises, something that really does make what I do here worthwhile.

With all this in mind, Raider has provided me with some amazing opportunities and will always be a part of who I am, but following the whole ‘New Year, New Start’ theme, you’ll be seeing some huge changes with Raider in its current form, something I hope you all very much enjoy!

But enough about the coming months and more about what will be happening this month! We’ve had a little bit of a chop and change this month, trying to bring you a gear bumper issue. In Gear Up this month we’ve got some information regarding the re-launch of Crye Precision’s MultiCam as well as a European exclusive with Tru-Spec regarding their MultiCam Black range. We’re also bringing you a 5 page special on Warrior Assault Systems, a British company with brilliant gear at brilliant prices! Tried & Tested brings to you a look at our 4 favourite winter coats to wrap up warm in and Direct Action takes a look at the great work our boys and girls have been doing in disaster hit Philippines. There’s all that and much more to look forward to this month, so enough of me bickering, turn the page and get reading!

Here’s to the New Year!

Volume 6 Issue 9001 RAIDER COVER (1)

January 2014

One thing you always find working in the magazine industry is that you work months and months in advance. At the time of writing this issue it’s only just hit November, we’ve just been hit by a so called ‘Hurricane’ and it’s still pretty sunny! However by the time this goes to print it’ll be coming up to the Christmas period, snow will be falling and the Christmas cheer will be in full affect!

With that in mind, this month we’ve tried to bring you a few festive features that will not only help you with that last minute Christmas shopping, but also hopefully put a few smiles on your face, whether you be at home, on barracks or on tour with your unit.

The one thing that always saddens me about the festive period is the fact that some of our boys and girls won’t be at home with their friends and family; they won’t get to open presents on Christmas Day, they won’t be eating Christmas dinner with their families and they won’t get to sit round the fire sharing stories and drinking… With that in mind I hope you’ll join me in raising a glass on Christmas Day to all those who are out in theatre.

Then there are those who won’t be able to spend another Christmas with their families, those who have bravely given their lives to preserve the lives of others. My thoughts go out to the families of those who are in such a situation and I for one will bow my head and think of those brave souls; not only on Christmas Day, but every day.

But back to the magazine, and boy do we have some interesting stuff for you this month! To start with we all know buying Christmas presents can be a chore at times, so why not take a look at our special ‘Stocking Fillers’ Tried & Tested, where we’ll be showcasing what’s on our Christmas list this year over three double page spreads! On top of that Bill takes a look at how to survive the treacherous Christmas period, and we have an On Patrol with a bit of a twist, both should supply a few laughs!

We also get a look at Arktis in Profiled! who have started to put together their own range of camouflages and to tie in with this we get talking to Ben from CROPS; someone who helped design one of Arktis’ new patterns!

All that’s left to do now is wish all our readers and service personnel a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Volume 6 Issue 8RAIDER COVER

December 2013

The War in Afghanistan has been a hard one on our troops, as a country we’velost some very good soldiers… Be they husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mothers or fathers.  First and foremost I give a wholehearted Rest In Peace to all those we’ve lost over the 11 years of the Afghanistan conflict.

However with the draw down in coalition activity in the country; with more FOBs and bases being handed over to the Afghan National Army and Police or closed down in preperation for the planned 2014 drawdown in NATO combat operations. With that being said it doesn’t mean our boys and girls have just upped and left the country, leaving the Afghans to fend for themselves, instead they’re sliding into a supporting role providing help in planning operations and training future Afghan soldiers.

With this step down in combat operations, one thing that has become more apparent in the press releases we get is those who aren’t already back in England with their families and friends, are having what fun they can have with their Afghan counterparts; a far cry from a few years back when there was a massive air of distrust with the Taliban finding themselves in the ranks of the Afghan National Police.

One of the stories that really caught my eye this month and stories that have kept popping up over the last few months is the universal power of sport. In the past members of the UK and American Armed Forces have competed against Afghan soldiers in a mixture of sports such as Football, Rugby, American Football and most recently Cricket, and with that in mind this month we took a look at the recent cricket match between 4RIFLES and the Afghan National Army.

Another story hot on the presses at the moment is the US Army’s Camouflage Improvement Program, a program that has seen the long overdue scrap of the Universal Combat Pattern; a pattern that has already been replaced in theatre by MultiCam. We take a look at whether we think UCP was a colossal waste of money and whether that money could’ve been better spent elsewhere!

On top of that we have the usual mix of features you all love and read including a look at what core strength is and how to improve it in Fighting Fit, we talk to communication gurus Talking Headsets in On Patrol, and our Special Report saw us get boots on the ground at Europe’s biggest military show, DSEI!

We’d also like to sincerely apologise to a budding blogger by the name of ‘Ariegeboy’. Our Gear Up feature run last month on Grphyon Deftech included some of his photography – You can see more of his feature at

To all of you out there, stay healthy, stay happy, but most of all stay safe!

Volume 6 Issue 7001 RAIDER COVER

November 2013

As the title suggests and as most of you will already know, Raider (for the third time I might add) has a new editor! Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, something the majority of our readership should understand. One minute you’re doing one thing and the next another!

Over the past few years Bill; the previous editor, has brought Raider to life through various changes to the magazine and by putting an huge amount of effort into the old girl. However Bill thought it was time he stepped aside and allowed someone else to steer the ship in a new direction, not only to improve on the solid foundations he himself improved upon but also to breathe new life into her.

7 years. Believe it or not Raider is coming up to its 7th year of publication in the new year and I’ve been involved throughout those seven years in one way or another, I remember when Raider was nothing more than an idea in the bosses head and I’ve seen it grow from that into the magazine it is today!

Through those years I’ve contributed editorially through our Unit Profiles, Firepower, and Battlefield Mobility and grown both Fighting Fit and Battle-tech into what they are today. If you’ve followed my journey in Fighting Fit you’ll know that my aim in life is the Royal Marine Commandos, so you may ask why I’ve taken on the job of editor!

In short Raider is one of the main reasons as to why my career choice lays with the Royal Marines. Throughout my years of contributing to the magazine I have had the honour of meeting various members of different services , all of which have my deepest respect for what they do. Through meeting these various members of the forces I met a former Royal Marine, one who became involved with the magazine years ago through tried and tested. Now said individual knew I had grown a liking to the Royal Marines, and one day he presented me with his Green Beret. Upon doing so the words ‘Give me this back when you have your own’ left his mouth, and since that day I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I’m here to steer the ship until a suitable replacement is found to entertain our faithful readership and in our eyes you deserve the very best as without you buying the magazine month in month out, well there wouldn’t be a Raider, there wouldn’t be a ship to steer and more importantly there wouldn’t be a burning hunger to achieve what I want to in life.

To all of you out there, be it on tour with the forces, on leave with your family or on base with your brothers in arms, stay safe.

Volume 6 Issue 6001 RAIDER COVER-1 copy

October 2013

As with any team change, as they say, is inevitable.

Those of you who are subscribers or regular readers of Raider will know that I’ve been at the helm for a good while now, and it has been my great honour to have worked with not only our own troops, but also those from other nations. I have also had the privilege to meet some of the very best manufacturers of tactical products available, and to bring their offerings to the attention of soldiers and operators globally.

It is time for change though. As there are major changes afoot for our Armed Forces, and hopefully our troops returning safely home from deployment in Afghanistan, it is time for a new face to take over the reins and lead Raider into its next cycle of being. I’ve been privileged to have brought the magazine through one cycle, growing it and expanding it into new directions on the way, but that evolution needs to continue, and new focus is needed to ensure that this will happen.

There are new directions for me as well, and although other projects need my attention now, I will still be contributing in my specialist areas to keep things topical and to the point. My personal skillset is only one part of what makes Raider great, and with me as a part the rest of the team will continue to bring you everything you expect from the magazine on a monthly basis.

I’ve been blessed with a great team of staff writers and contributors, and my colleagues at Ebcon Publishing have been everything that a hard-pressed Editor could have wished for. When the new Editor takes up the challenge he or she can be certain that they will have the backup of some first rate people.

Of course my real thanks needs to go out to all of you, the readers that have made Raider the success it is. I’ve spoken not only to our troops, but in many instances the families of our troops. Sometimes this has been great fun, but on others it has also been very sad. Without your loyal support in the bad times as well as the good my job would have been immeasurably harder. A heartfelt thanks to every single one of you.

I hope that I’m going out on a bang though, with yet another cracking issue filled to the very brim with news, reviews, and some super articles; the guys really have pulled out the stops again this month so I sincerely hope that you will thoroughly enjoy what you see on page.

My final words as Editor are simply these; to all of our troops, wherever you may be deployed, you have my deepest respect and I wish you a safe a speedy return home. Thank you all for the sacrifices you make for us.

Volume 6 Issue 5001 RAIDER COVER (1) copy

September 2013

What a month this has been!

Over the weekend of 29th and 30th June the country came together as a whole to celebrate the fifth Armed Forces Day and what a weekend it was. I got out to my local event on the Saturday and it was wonderful to see the flags flying and the crowds really supporting our troops. I’ve devoted our Gallery this month to images of the celebration.

There were events around the UK and thousands of people celebrated the men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present, at more than 300 events. Events ranged from large scale parades to simple community events, but the main focus of attention was at the national event in the City of Nottingham.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended the national event in Nottingham, with His Royal Highness taking the salute on behalf of The Queen and Royal Family, as a parade of more than 600 Service personnel, veterans and cadets marched through the city streets from Nottingham Castle to the Old Market Square.  As the parade reached The Duke, the Red Arrows roared over the square in salute. Attendance at the Nottingham event was estimated to be in the region of 60,000 spectators, showing just how important a day this has become to so many.

It really didn’t matter how many people attended the individual events though; what matters is that we came out to show support for all of our fabulous Armed Forces, support they so rightly and richly deserve. I was pleased to be amongst the crowd with my wife and feel the energy and warmth generated by all those attending. We know that our soldiers, sailors, and aircrews all face an uncertain future as the redundancies continue and it was wonderful to see the reactions of the crowd.

I hope that countrywide all our service personnel saw just how important they are to us as a nation, and that we are there to back them up amongst our communities. The Armed Forces have always been a part of our lives and we need to let them know that, not just once a year, but every single day. I for one look forward to the 2014 event which is scheduled for 28th June, and I hope that even more of us will be out to show all the support we can muster.

It’s also been a busy month in the Raider office too; we’ve been tracking down all the stories, articles, and reviews I hope that you have come to expect from us, and I’m really pleased that we’ve managed to track down a few crackers! Connor has managed to work closely with former Pathfinder 2 i/c and author of this months military book review, Captain David Blakeley, to give a focus on this most elite of units, and I was able to track down Paul Carter in the USA to interview him about his revolutionary Archangel Armour System.

Of course, these are just individual areas that form a part of the greater whole, and I hope, as always, that you will enjoy the whole magazine.

Volume 6 Issue 4 Picture 29

August 2013

It was with great sadness that this week, as I write, I learnt that Howe Barracks in Canterbury is to close when 5 SCOTS leave. These barracks are local to me and I’ve known them ever since I was a child as I used to walk past them on the way to school. Seeing the soldiers on parade, going about their duties, and getting ready for exercise or deployment each day always gave me a sense of pride, and the open days there each year showcasing drill, vehicles, weapons and fieldcraft certainly fuelled the military interest of a youngster.

Howe Barracks has been the home to 5 SCOTS for the last ten years, but now under the manpower cuts the slimmed down Battalion is returning to Scotland to take up mainly ceremonial duties. Although I am extremely pleased that these soldiers are being recognised for exceptional operational achievements, it’s a sad day that not only are they leaving, but that a facility such as Howe Barracks is being lost to the Armed Forces forever.

This, of course, is part of a much wider picture. Think on this; if the 82,000 figure that the Government is looking for in relation to our standing army is achieved then they could all pretty much fit into the Millenium Dome or an international football stadium! Now that is a sobering thought.

This week the head of the army, General Sir Peter Wall, appeared on television stating that further cuts to the budget could prove “quite dangerous, quite soon” to Britain’s ability to fulfil its military obligations. He was soon joined and supported by Lieutenant-General Nick Carter, the most senior British officer in Afghanistan. If senior officers like this are coming out in public to voice their grave concerns why, oh why, is the government not listening to them?

On a lighter note, we’ve really gone to town this month in Raider with some great interviews with some pretty special people. John Hurth of the TYR Group joins us with an overview of his world leading Combat Tracking Courses, and at last I managed to nail down the guys at Kryptek to take an up close and personal look at the camouflage pattern that everyone is raving about!

With our usual mix of reports, news and reviews this is an issue that folk will be talking of for some time to come, and once again the Raider Team have excelled themselves in what they’ve brought to the table. As always, I hope there will be something here that will illuminate and entertain, and believe me there is much, much more to come!

Volume 6 Issue 3 Picture 1

July 2013

What an absolute pleasure it has been seeing our units returning early from Afghanistan to their families and loved ones. The pictures of husbands and wives being reunited with their families has certainly brought the odd lump to my throat, and it is wonderful seeing them return safe and sound, hopefully not to be deployed to that particular area of operations ever again.

On the same note though, there are still a significant number of our brave lads and lasses still there doing their job, day in, day out, and our thoughts and prayers must remain with them as the drawdown continues. History has shown in many conflicts that as troop numbers fall steadily the enemy may try to exploit this vacuum by making some kind of last ditch offensive.

Let us also not forget the indigenous troops and associated personnel that have stood shoulder to shoulder with the ISAF troops. They will now take the brunt of any such offensive; not only that but there is the chance that they will be vilified and persecuted for taking a stand.

It was with some horror that I read about the plight of the interpreters that have worked so hard to make the work of our troops easier and safer. Can it possibly be true that we are to abandon them to their fate? It has been said that it would be better to give them some kind of cash incentive to remain in their country of birth rather than help them to relocate overseas.

Whilst I can see a kind of logic in this argument, it strikes me forcefully that many of the politicians discussing this have obviously never been in a real conflict zone, or even in a third world country. Sadly in such places life is often the cheapest of commodities, and even the slightest imagined slur can lead to violence. Can we really sit easily with the fact that these interpreters have given their absolute best for us, and that we are just going to walk out and leave them to their fate?

I sincerely hope that this will not be the case, or their blood will undoubtedly be on the hands of those that should really know better, and care more.

Onwards with this latest issue though!

Once again this month we’ve worked closely with the photographers and contributors out there to bring you the very best that we can when it comes to military reporting, news, and reviews. We always try to work as closely as we can with our friends on the design and manufacture side so that we can bring you the very latest, as soon as we can. We also strive to work with those offering high quality training packages so that you’ll know where to look to better your “tactical toolbox”.

Whether you are a serving soldier, a professional civilian operator, or just someone with a keen interest in military and survival matters I hope that you will find something of interest here, and believe me that the Team and I will keep it coming right at you just as hard and as fast as we can!

Volume 6 Issue 2

June 2013

Volume 6 Issue 1 (In stock)

Picture 1

May 2013

Yes, that’s right, it’s a whole new year of Raider to look forward to and I hope that excites you as much as it does me! Over the past year the team and I have tried extremely hard to take Raider in a new direction, and with the IWA Show in Germany just around the corner as I write it does appear that we are going from strength to strength.

Our relationship with all the gear and firearm manufacturers is stronger than ever; this week I’ve been contacting all the great people I want to see at the Show, and the reception from them has been truly staggering. Once upon a time it was a real battle to secure appointments; this time it’s like speaking to old friends, and in fact they’ve been chasing me to commit to a time.

It just goes to show that Raider is viewed within the industry as a game changer now; we’ve proved our ability fully to report accurately and to review fairly. A number of the manufacturers have admitted openly that Raider has helped with the recognition of their products, and “word of mouth” within the industry is really opening some new, and very special, doors in the tactical world to us!

The list of folk to see at the Show is extensive, and I’m already getting excited at what I’ll have to report back to you in the next issue; I think you’ll be surprised at who I’m going to be seeing in Germany.

And it’s not only on the technical gear side that Raider is making progress; it was a real pleasure to speak to my old friend Garreth at Veterans at Ease earlier this month, and I’m pleased that he had some very encouraging news to pass on to me.

As you’ll see in Direct Action this month our troops are starting to come home early from Afghanistan, and I’m certain that some of them will need the help that Veterans at Ease offers; it was great to hear from Garreth that he’s actually been contacted already from troops still in theatre to enquire about VaE. They’d seen Raider in Afghanistan and contacted Garreth for more information.

Now if that isn’t getting to the heart of the matter I don’t know what is!

Rounding up then, Raider has its usual spread this month of articles, news, and reviews, and as always I hope that you enjoy the mix.

Volume 5 Issue 12 (In stock)Picture 15

April 2013

2013 is a whole new year, and as we talk about the drawdown of our service personnel from Afghanistan and our men and women coming home I have to ponder the questions what, and where next?

Sabres are still being rattled in Argentina, and their bullish approach to any and all proposed dialogue would indicate that they may try to take things further. Syria is currently a “close watch” situation, with small escalations seeming to take place on a daily basis. At the time of writing we’ve just seen the deployment of a small number of British troops to Mali in support of the French operations there and our commitments to maritime security (please see Direct Action this month) seem to be as heavy as ever.

On the flip side of this I read with some disgust of troops still on the front line being approached and offered “early redundancy” while they are still in an active and perilous war zone. Where is this going and how much can our stoic troops actually take? Once again they are being asked to go “above and beyond” and it is the measure of British Forces that they face all of this with their usual tenacity.

“Where next?” is also a question I ask myself about Raider on a regular basis. As our regulars will know we’ve continued to make changes to the magazine but I believe we have it cracked now. It’s been my great pleasure to work more closely with contributors from around the globe, and it’s been really exciting to see how this has affected our readership! The Raider Face book page has seen more traffic than ever in the past few weeks which would indicate to me that more and more folk are talking about us.

Following a busy SHOT Show we’ve managed to hook up with even more kit manufacturers from around the world too; our good friend Eric Fine from The Gear Locker brings us a super report this month from Las Vegas. This is going to be followed up with “boots on the ground” at IWA in Germany; appointments are already in hand and I for one am really looking forward to hooking up with friends old and new!

It’s our aim to continue to bring you the best possible reports and reviews that we can.

There’s never a dull moment in the Raider office I can tell you, and you can rest assured that wherever things do go next we’ll be there to make sure that the stories of our troops do get told!

Volume 5 Issue 11 (In stock)Picture 2

March 2013

Are we there yet? Nearly is the answer! One more Issue after this and we’ll be into year six of Raider, so thank you all for your continued support!

As you can probably all tell I am one person who thoroughly enjoys their job, and it’s fabulous that each and every month I get to speak to so many people, both military and former military and also those interested in the military. It’s a great and growing community and I’m always happy when we’re able to break a bit of news that genuinely helps someone.

I recently heard from my friends who deal with Klarus taclites in the UK that they’d just received a big order direct from a unit. So the story goes the guys in theatre had read our “Tried and Tested” review and ordered a couple of models in for further evaluation. After they’d tested for themselves they proceeded to make a BIG order. That means that I’m pleased to have helped not only my friends, but also the guys who are serving on our behalf!

So much of the time the press is accused of only telling the bad news stories, but that’s not our way at Raider. We always try to find good news stories if possible, and certainly ones that tell of operational success. Not to say that I, and we, won’t tell the harder stories, but it’s all too easy to be negative or jump on the bandwagon with something sensationalist, isn’t it?

I’m always pleased when I get to hear direct that Raider has been seen in theatre and enjoyed; I’m equally as pleased to hear that in some tiny way we have made an impact that has bettered the lot of our guys serving in some small way. I’m proud that we are able to show the pictures and tell the stories of those who choose to serve, whether it be our own British troops or those of our allied nations.

All too often I read about “blue on blue” incidents in the mainline press, but then I see pictures from friends showing different nationalities training, working, and fighting together. I am not naive enough to say that in a complex military situation that such incidents do not occur because obviously they do and sadly that ends in the loss of life or injury, but why oh why do we never get to hear about all the success stories in more detail?

Throughout the year there are events which allow all of us to support our troops, and especially as the drawdown in numbers has started, I would urge you to show your support in whatever way you can.

Volume 5 Issue 10 (In stock)

February 2013

Volume 5 Issue 9 (In stock)

January 2013

Volume 5 Issue 8 (In stock) Picture 5

December 2012

Now I know that there has been a lot of talk recently about online abuse, and in my opinion the “trolls” out there that can potentially ruin peoples’ lives or even careers deserve everything the weight of the law can throw at them! That said, when social networking is used politely it is truly a wonderful thing.

Recently I was sitting quietly having fun with my Facebook page when up popped a message; nothing unusual there, but then I realised it was from my good friend Don who is in theatre serving with one of the USMC Advisory Teams. We spent a happy half hour pinging messages back and forth, and we both ended up having a proper laugh.

For me, sitting in the comfort of my office at home, this was fine, but after we’d finished our online “chat” it suddenly struck me that Don was in his billet in theatre and I had no real idea of the exact conditions he was in. The fact was though that he was his usual happy-go-lucky, upbeat self and I have to admit that my already high regard of him went up yet another notch!

Here was a young man, thousands of miles away from his wife and family, doing his job with commensurate, skill, grace, and good humour, and taking time to speak to his friends. The fact that danger lurks all around him, and he’s already got prior tours under his belt just doesn’t seem to faze him. He’s there, like thousands of other service personnel from all over the world, just “doing his job”.

We really all have a lot to thank them for, and I hope that Don, and all the service personnel serving away from home this Christmas have a very happy and safe one.

And yes, this is the pre-Christmas edition already so I’ve got the team together to make some suggestions for presents; we’ve been out and about with our boots on the ground seeing our favourite tactical gear providers so you’ll find some nice ideas in “On Patrol” this month!

It’s been yet another busy month for the Raider Team, and again I’ll thank the internet too for all the positive mails I’ve received from you, and for all the great comments that have come in after the changes made last issue. Thanks to you I know that we are fully on the right track now in terms of content and I’ll endeavour to make sure that this trend continues.

The mix of news, informative articles, and reviews seems to have hit the right tone with you, so that’s the way we’ll keep it rolling from this point on!

Volume 5 Issue 7 (In stock)v-5-issue-7

November 2012

Raider has been essentially the same in tone and layout for the last five years, and we all decided that an overhaul was well overdue. Of course, this kind of process takes time and careful planning so that we can make sure that the content is still well thought out and meticulously and logically presented.

I’ve had so many letters and emails about Survival and Outdoor Living Skills and Equipment from you, our readers so I got together with the team to put a whole new feel for the magazine into motion. Luckily I have, shall we say, some experience in this field as I’ve been teaching it on and off for over 25 years! I’ve worked as an Instructor, and I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in equipment in the outdoor pursuit’s world. I still love to get out into the forests and mountains as often as I can, although some of the lads in the office think I’m a bit strange for doing so.

Don’t worry though as we’ll still be bringing you the latest operational and Armed Forces news that we always have, along with our popular Firepower, Mobility, and Unit Profile features. Tried and Tested will be larger, in two sections, as will our book and media reviews. I also want to work even more closely with those that provide us with Tactical Gear and Clothing, so I’ll be speaking directly to the retailers and dealers we trust to bring you a more personal insight into what they do.

Change is inevitable, and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve read through this issue that we’ve put some more meat on the old gal. I certainly know that the team and I are excited, and I hope you will be too; stick around, the ride is going to get wilder!

Volume 5 Issue 6 (In stock) v-5-issue-6

October 2012

As I sit here writing this month we’re bang in the middle of the 2012 London Olympics, and beggar me if our lads and lasses in the services are not just protecting the competitors and spectators from harm, but they’re out there winning the medals too! Congratulations to all our Olympians, and I’m sure you’ll join me in saying a big “Thank You” to all the servicemen and women who’ve been on duty around the country.

This has been tough duty for many of them; some of whom were dragged in almost at the last gasp to plug the holes that the private sector was unable to. Whilst the Olympians have their village and visitors have their choice of fine hotels, it’s not exactly been an easy life for the troops (see Despatches News for more on this). Still, as many of them have seen active service over the last few years I’m certain that temporary billets are way better that what they encountered in theatre!

Sadly though, it does make a solemn point; with talk of numbers once again being cut in coming years, from a standing army of 102,000 down to a meagre 82,000, it does make me wonder if our forces would have been able to bridge the gap so effectively with those lower numbers? As a colleague said to me, “82,000 is not an army, it’s a militia!”

I’m absolutely certain that our troops would have risen to the task and given it their all in their usual inimitable fashion, but really, can we afford just to keep cutting back and cutting back?

Only time will tell.

On a cheerier note I’m going to announce that there will be a few changes going on with Raider in the coming months! Regular readers will have already noticed that there has been a little bit of a “changing of the guard” with new contributors coming aboard in recent months, and this trend is set to continue. Raider has remained essentially the same for five years now, and it’s very much the feeling within the (ever growing!) team that it’s time we gave the old gal a good shake up!

Now don’t worry, we’ll still be backing our troops 100% with our military community and operational news items, but we’re going to revamp the overall layout and throw in even more features for you; more features, more reviews, more tried and tested. I feel that we owe it to you, our readers and friends out there, to go just that little bit further, so keep your eye out for Issue 7!

Volume 5 Issue 5 (In stock) 

September 2012

Volume 5 Issue 4 (In stock)Picture 4

August 2012

As I sit and write this months Foreward the Jubille weekend is just behind me, and what a weekend it was. “On Patrol” this month looks in a bit more depth at the ceremonial role undertaken by our three services, but in general I have to say “What a spectacle!”

There’s not usually a picture on the Foreward page, but after seeing him calling on the crowd to give “Three cheers for Her Majesty the Queen” I couldn’t help but want to put one in of Garrison Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 1) Bill Mott. WO1 Mott is a familiar sight at ceremonial events in London, and is the most senior Warrant Officer in the British Army, responsible for ensuring immaculate turn out and top military standards in London’s formal parades.

It was WO1 Motts task to call the four hundred strong ‘Manpower Squadron’ of rowing vessels to order as Her Majesty embarked onto the Royal Barge ‘Spirit of Chartwell’. Barking out the Words of Command devised specially for this unique occasion, his powerful voice called all crews to cease rowing, and raise their oars in a Royal Salute to Her Majesty. WO1 Mott then ordered Three Cheers to Her Majesty before ordering the Manpower Squadron to row on.

Commenting on this unique honour, WO1 Mott said: “I’m thrilled to be asked to take on this huge responsibility. While used to shouting out commands on parades, this will be a new experience for me to order a Rowing Contingent to give a Royal Salute!”

Well, watching WO1 Mott carry out his duties to the full certainly made me feel very proud indeed, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this; watching all of our servicemen and women obviously enjoying themselves was truly wonderful. Last month I called on you to support our troops at public events, and from the enthusiastic greetings given by crowds countrywide I believe we certainly rose to the challenge!

Volume 5 Issue 3 (In stock) Picture 7

July 2012

Well the answer to that question at the time of writing is yes. Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, has publicly stated that defence cuts have now ended and that his department has finally “balanced the books” at the MOD. That’s actually quite a feat bearing in mind that they have effectively eliminated a £38 billion pound deficit in the defence budget; not only that but he also stated that there would actually be an underspend allowing equipment orders to be placed, and allowing for a substantial contingency fund for further project spending.

The recent past has been a tough time for our forces, with redundancies and uncertainties rife. The redundancy programme will continue, but no further numbers will be announced. With the contingency fund soon to be in place I hope that this will mean that jobs are safe, and that our troops on the ground will finally start to see some of the new kit they need, and have been promised.

On as lighter note it’s time to look forward to celebrating our forces in the UK. As you’ll see in “Depatches” Armed Forces Day national celebrations take place on 30 June 2012, and there are many other Military Tattoos, Air and Naval Displays, and other events planned for the summer months. This gives us all an opportunity to get out there and show our support to our troops properly; find out if there is an event near you and let our lads and lasses know that we, as a country, care about them and value the job they do on our behalf.

For the team at Raider and I July will be the “big month” as we make our annual trip to the “War and Peace” show held at the Hop Farm in Kent; this is the biggest military vehicle spectacular of its type and attracts participants and visitors from all over the world. There are both static displays and arena events, and if you’ve never experienced a Lancaster bomber coming in low over your head then this is the place for you!

We always have a stand at “War & Peace” and we’ll be there again from 18 – 22 July 2012; come along, have a great day out, and come and say “hi”. I, for one, am always very pleased to meet all of our readers and supporters in person!

Volume 5 Issue 2(In stock)

June 2012

It seems at the moment that everywhere I look there is something about either the Her Majestys’ Diamond Jubilee or the London Olympics. For the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom that means a pretty big year!

With folk descending on our fair shores from all over the world for both of these historic events the men and women of our Armed Forces have a number of roles to fulfil, some high profile and prestigious, and some just “the day job”. With numerous ceremonial duties to perform, let’s not forget that our forces personnel will also be intimately involved in security measures and we should all give then the credit they are rightly due, whatever their role.

One of the things I enjoyed most during my time living in the USA was the way that veterans and military personnel were treated. Whenever you went to a ball game, an ice hockey match or any such sporting or entertainment event a point would always be made to honour both the vets and the personnel still serving. Pride was taken, and uniforms were worn in public. All were recognised for having served their country and allowing the American population to live with the freedoms such service bought.

Somehow here we don’t seem to get it, do we? Whilst our personal freedoms have been paid for by generations of fighting men and women, who have put themselves in harms way for us time and time again, the British psyche seems unable to give them the praise they deserve. Whether or not you agree with the conflicts UK Forces are involved in at present it seems wrong to me that we do not honour our brave men and women as we should.

2012 is going to be a great year to be in the United Kingdom, and I hope as our soldiers, sailors, and aircrew will all be a bit more visible this year we can all take the time to let them know that we appreciate the fine job they are doing!

On to business; this month we continue to be a bit “techy” in Raider, with more in depth reports on manufacturers and innovations. We take a look at clothing brands Wild Things Tactical and Missionpac, and have an exclusive for you on the collaboration between DCS/A-TACS and Snugpak! There’s also a close look at the unique weapons platform that is the KRISS.

Add to that our usual worldwide and operational news and this month I hope that you will agree that there is something for everyone in Raider. I hope that you enjoy the mix!

Volume 5 Issue 1 (In stock)

May 2012

Volume 4 Issue 12 (In stock)001 RAIDER COVER

April 2012

Thirty years on and who can believe that sabres are once again starting to rattle in the South Atlantic! I’m sure like me if you remember seeing the news footage of the Marines of Naval Party 8901 being unceremoniously herded by black faced Argentinian Ca Cdo Anf commandos whilst in the background LVTP Amtracs of the invasion fleet rumbled up the main street of Port Stanley you will have been equally horrified and angered.

The ignomany of seeing a foreign flag raised over British sovreign soil on 2nd April 1982 was a harrowing one, and one not easily forgotten. No one at that time knew that thousands of our men would be sent 8,000 miles from home to fight on a spec of an island that many of us had never heard of.

Many thought it absurd, but those who fought there on either side will never forget what they saw and did, and we shouldn’t either. The world is a very different place now and one must question the ability of the British Forces to deal with things if the situation escalates; yes, our land forces have built up a huge mass of operational experience but would they have the logistical support to actually get there and fight now?

I sincerely hope that the situation can be handled diplomatically this time round; the last thing any of us would wish to see is another conflict which puts the lives of soldiers on both sides at risk again.

In the first of a series of articles commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War though, we’ll be looking at the historical context that led to the original conflict in the first place.

Elsewhere in this edition you’ll find we’ve gone a bit “techy”; we were deluged with emails after our piece on equipment maintenance and many of you asked that we continue to “bust some myths” in relation to how clothing and equipment really does actually function. We’ve the first look at the new GORE-TEX Multicam clothing from Arc’teryx, and the newest member of our Tried and Tested Team gets quite literally stuck in this month!

There’s also our usual mix of reporting on news within the services and operational matters as the tempo is picking up again in Afghanistan; please spare a thought for our brave men and women out there in theatre, and for those of you out there serving know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Raider: Eye on the target, boots on the ground!

Volume 4, Issue 11 (In stock)

March 2012

As Editor of a military magazine it’s actually very easy to exist in somewhat of a vacuum, constantly dealing with news items and press releases coming in, juggling contributions from all of the team and making sure things happen to a very strict set of deadlines so we can make sure that your copy of Raider gets to you on time each month.

With a constantly changing world where the UK Armed Forces seem to get pulled in every direction at once, whilst at the same time dealing with cutbacks and layoffs, it is very easy to focus on the negative rather than the positive, so it is always heartening to hear from our readers, especially those of you out there still serving in the mud and sand.

That is in no way meant to say that we do not value you, each and every one, who pick up this magazine each month and support us, but when we get emails and letters coming in direct from the front line, or from the families of those serving there, then there is a realisation that we are doing something important; it can be a simple thing like someone responding positively to a gear review, and it can be as complex as a grieving family calling us to ask for pictures we have featured of their loved one who has not returned.

Each contact can be joyous or heart rending in turn, and I realise that each piece of news we feature, each picture we are sent from theatre, and every contact we receive can have ramifications. A “good news” personal story one month can easily become something sadly different a mere thirty days on.

When I review the proofs of Raider before it goes off to print each month there are always things that make me smile, and I sincerely hope that this happens to all of you too. But there is sometimes something that also makes me wary, and again, each month, I look to the news pieces and especially to our Gallery and think “should we run that?”

Inevitably I always come back with the same answer, which is a resounding “of course”. If we are scared to show the pictures and tell the stories of those men and women who are out there doing their very best for us in frightening and inhospitable places then we are losing the most important of battle of all.

Their faces stare out from the page at me each time I pick up a copy of Raider, and believe me when I tell you it makes me very proud of my whole Editorial Team that we do this every four weeks. The pictures of our servicemen and women deserve to be seen, and their stories need to be told.

All of us at Raider are proud to support our troops in whatever way we can, and wherever you may be reading this I wish you safe and sound

Volume 4, Issue 9 (In stock)

January 2012

As many of you regular readers will have seen it has been my privilege to take over the Editorship of Raider recently, but I felt very strongly that Paul should stay at the helm of what he originally created and keep the Foreward for himself.

I’ve tried as hard as possible to make the content of Raider more pointed , whether it be in terms of gear, of special interest items, or about our basic mission which is to let everyone know what our servicemen and women are really up to at the “sharp end”.

Obviously, as part of that process, you cannot help but put a little of yourself into what you write and report on, so Paul has now asked me to fully take over the reins.

I hope that you will have seen small changes happening in recent months; book reviews in the main have moved towards issues that I feel are pertinent to things going on in the world today.

You may also have seen Garreth Murrell from Veterans at Ease joining us in his regular column on PTSD issues; I’m delighted by this as I feel strongly that Raider is there for you, our readers, and if any of you are suffering in any way due to your service then it’s vitally important that you know what help is available to you!

Operational news has widened in scope and will continue to do so; I have to admit that initially I had no idea how important these reports were to those of you who receive Raider in theatre. A chance meeting with a Company Sergeant Major taught me differently though; he thanked me for reporting on what they had done on their Tour in Afghanistan and how their families had been proud to hear what they were up to whilst they were there.

This was personally humbling, I have to tell you, and of course my response was to thank him for his service, and to please pass that on to all his soldiers!

Equipment Reviews will be moving up a notch too, with more and more of a focus on the “Tried and Tested” aspect. I’ve got some new faces lined up for the Team in 2012 so expect to be reading some pretty interesting reviews.

I’m going to sign off for this issue with a huge “Thank You” to all of you, especially those currently serving, who have, and continue to loyally support Raider. Although I may be the “caretaker” this is YOUR magazine.

Raider: Eye on the target, boots on the ground!


Volume 4, Issue 6 (In stock)

October 2011

A Hero passes

We start this issue with the sad news that SAS hero John McAleese died recently of a heart attack. John Mac was thrust into the public eye as a member of the SAS, he led a crack team in the storming of the Iranian Embassy 30 years ago. The 62 year old died suddenly in his sleep whilst on holiday it was reported, however a source close to the family told us that he was a fit man with no heart problems and added that John never got over the death of his son whilst deployed in Afghanistan. Paul a senior NCO with 2nd Battalion, The Rifles, was trying to help a young injured comrade who was caught in the blast from an IED in Helmand province in August 2009. Sadly a secondary blast killed them both. Paul, left wife Joanne and four-month-old son Charley when he was killed aged 29 and we understand that he had hoped to follow in his dad’s footsteps by joining the SAS. After the death of his son insiders have informed us that John called for then – Prime Minister Gordon Brown to provide British troops with better equipment or resign. John McAleese spent 23 years in the Army (Royal Engineers) of which 16 of them were in the SAS. The SAS raid, codenamed “Operation Nimrod”, was broadcast live at peak time on a bank holiday Monday evening and was viewed by millions of people; making it a defining moment in British history and for the very first time in the UK the media highlighted the work of the SAS. Both the BBC and ITV interrupted their scheduled programming to show the end of the siege. RIP John

Volume 4, Issue 5 (In stock)

September 2011

Follow the leader

As we continue to rack up on controlled FREE circulation I can’t help but notice that others are following suit, which is good as it provides an invaluable service to our brave young men and women deployed, but we’re not stopping there and that’s because Soldiers, Sailors and Air crew that have been reading Raider in theatre for over 3 years now have been asking us if we can carry on sending the copies back at home. Our answer to that is an emphatic “YES” So if you are a member of our armed forces and want to receive Raider completely FREE then get your Mess Officers to contact us and we will arrange for copies to be sent directly to you Messes. Don’t worry if your part of 16 Air Assault of 3 Commando because that’s already happening. For us it’s all about providing a service and doing our bit. You may have noticed that we have an ad sales team or deadline deals on advertising space, which in turn means that we have no targets to achieve, in fact the only targets we have on our radar is you – and we know that we are getting through because our advertisers tell us of the response they get to their ad space, you’ll also notice that with this issue we have had to go up in size yet again! Stay a while and enjoy the ride – thousands do.

Volume 4, Issue 4 (In stock)

August 2011

On screen and over there and back in action

As the UK Hit WWII film Age of Hero’s (released in cinemas in May) gears up to come out on DVD 30 Commando deploy for the first time in over seventy years to the front line. The film starring Sean Bean follows the exploits of an offensive naval intelligence unit made up of Royal Marines ventured into Norway to capture vital Nazi technology. Despite their successes in WW2, 30 Commando was disbanded shortly after the war, however in December 2010 the title was reintroduced when it was adopted by United Kingdom Landing Force Command Support Group (UKLF CSG), which better reflects the unit’s role and continued use of the skills, techniques and methodology learnt by their forbearers during WW2. 30 Commando deployed to Afghanistan on Operation HERRICK 14, as part of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines. The unit, made up predominantly of Royal Marines also includes Royal Navy, RAF and Army personnel. Their main job is to find information; understand the information to derive intelligence from it The modern day 30 Commando comprises four Squadrons (Communications, Support, Logistics and Y Squadron) who are each at the forefront of obtaining and processing intelligence. They are supported in Afghanistan by two Royal Artillery Batteries, who provide Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) assets and surveillance experts. See our full Unit profile on pages 28. Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Volume 4, Issue 3 (In stock)

July 2011


With this issue comes the news that US Navy SEAL’s conducted a raid in Pakistan, which resulted in the death of Osama bin laden. The Raid (a kill or capture mission) according to US law chief was designed that way as the US military believed that bin laden would not be taken alive (which he had publically stated in the past) and that there was a possibility that bin laden may have been wearing a suicide vest? We here at Raider feel that US President Obama took the right course of action by ordering the “hit” and inserting a SEAL team to carry it out, which was a bold move especially when you consider that reports suggested only half his national security team favoured a SEAL insertion. When you think about it, this riskier option was in our opinion the only option that the US President could take. An air strike which would have been on the table, would not have given the US and for that matter the world visual confirmation that America’s “Most Wanted” was dead? One question we have been asked by a number of our readers relates directly to bin laden’s sea burial, and the reasons behind it? We here at Raider would suggest that there is no shrine or grave that the followers of al-Qaida can flock to. We guess you’ll just have to ask the sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson (which played a major top secret role in bin Laden’s burial at sea) and as we suspect also the insertion of the SEAL team. Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Volume 4, Issue 2 (In stock)

June 2011

Anyone want to buy a ship?

If you have been keeping up with the news you would have no doubt seen that the Iconic Flag Ship (HMS Ark Royal) of the British Navy is up for sale after 25 years of service. This, the fifth Flag ship to carry the name lead the UK’s naval forces during the invasion of Iraq. The first ship carrying the name saw action way back in 1588 against the Spanish Armada. The scrapping of the Ark which was brought forward by several years has been highly criticised and leaves the Navy without the capacity to launch fixed-wing aircrafts until at least 2021 when its replacement will be commissioned. There have been a number of reports that this grand old lady of the sea may end up as a commercial heliport in London or even a nightclub or school in China, however we suspect that the “Ark” will be unceremoniously dragged off to a breakers yard and sold for scrap, but one thing is for certain we as a Maritime nation have a vastly depleted fleet without the capability of launching aircrafts at sea. Now you may argue that the global threat to our nation’s security has shifted and that we don’t need to park a carrier fleet just of the shores of an aggressor’s nation! All we at Raider can say is “Take a look at Operation ELLAMY (which by the way is featured in this issue) to see how important (in our humble opinion) it is that our Navy (that once ruled the waves) has a carrier at its disposal&.. Only time will tell.

Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Volume 4, Issue 1 (In stock)

May 2011

With this month’s edition of Raider, you’ll not only notice that we have effortlessly moved into our 4th volume, but you’ll also notice a slight change in Raider. This has simply been done to accommodate the new advertisers Raider has attracted. Why? Because Raiders circulation is unique and gets into the hands of people that matter, which in turn drives business to our supporters. This naturally creates a healthy publication, which is creating a stir in certain sectors of our industry. Normally competitors (yes we have a few) are professional enough to take our growing success on the “chin” and one recently complemented us on our growth and unique circulation. Competition is a good thing, but if it unleashes the “Green Eyed Monster” effect then this is very sad. Success isn’t handed to you on a plate  you have to work for it and NOT expect the world owes you a living. On a brighter note the recent IWA show in Germany was a raging success, with a record foot fall and higher exhibitor levels than previous years. You can read all about our patrol at the IWA in this issues “On Patrol”. One exclusive that was on our radar well before the IWA was the all new A-TACS camouflage, we were pleasantly impressed to see how many different manufactures were present with A-TACS clothing and accessories. We have been working closely with the guys at DCS to bring you an exclusive on this all new must have camouflage system. Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Volume 3, Issue 12 (In stock)

April 2011


Raider has recently learnt that the British Army is sacking its employees via email. Although the Army has apologised to the 38 soldiers (one currently deployed to Afghanistan) who received the email. This huge cock up comes shortly after Raider learnt that a staggering ¼ of Trainee RAF pilots will not have a job as the RAF cuts 1 in 4 in the latest stage of defence cuts.

The 38 warrant officers all have at least 20 years’ service received the email, which read “I write to notify you that with regret, I must issue you with 12 months’ Notice of Termination. As I’m sure you are aware the Army has to make significant cutbacks and we… are expected to play our part in reductions.” One senior soldier (the Sun Newspaper claimed) received his marching orders whilst on deployment. Defence Secretary Liam Fox went on record to say it had been “a completely unacceptable way” to treat the 38 troops who had received the email. He added: “The correct procedure was not followed and I want to reiterate the unreserved apology already made by the Army.

“Arrangements have already been put in place to ensure this does not happen again and the Army are already investigating the particular circumstances.”

The MOD were fast to point out that this error was not the fault of the civil servants or ministers, but a sequencing error made by the Army.

All we can say here at Raider is “way to go guys”- nice one!

Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 11, Issue 3 (In stock)

March 2011

Continued Growth

For a while now we’ve been looking at better ways to satisfy your demands for Raider (especially) our gear content. First we launched our popular face book page, now we bring you our all new and exciting blog

The idea behind this resource is to bring you breaking news (when it happens) and real time reports from all of the military shows that we attend each and every year  not just here in the UK but for instance the Shot Show in the US and the IWA in Germany. Here at Raider we feel its important to report these not just to bang the “Raider Drum” although this is important, but more significantly it’s all about bring you the latest and greatest in tactical gear and accessories and ultimately things that matter to you in the real world.

Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 10 (In stock)

February 2011

Upwards and Onwards

We kick this issue off with the news that we have a new member of the team joining us (Bill Thomas) you’ve seen a few articles published by him in recent editions, but he is now getting stuck in at the sharp end and taking over the reigns as Editor of this beast that we have created. Bill is a general Military expert and also a technical guru in fabrics and layer systems (yes Military ones). We’ve got some great editorial planned, which over a very short period of time will add a more in-depth coverage to the amazing, exclusive editorial that we already publish, which in turn will see Raiders issue grow in size. We’ve received a whole heap of emails from you guys our readers asking us about a survivalist section in Raider. We’re not about swallowing things to regurgitate them in the slim chance that you’re going to be abducted, or the whole world turns into Zombies and you stand alone, but what we are going to do (in 2011) is publish a series of supplements/specials on things that really matter – for you guys that means informative subject’s that make a difference in the real world. At this point in time Raider has the privilege of having the highest penetration of any publisher into troops in Afghanistan (source Higgs International) and its FREE, why do we do that? Because we care! We’re not in it to make a fast buck or for that matter turn a profit, but to provide a service, in fact any profits we make are ploughed right back into the publication and that can certainly be seen with the growth of our global readership.


Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 9 (In stock)

January 2011

Yes I know this is our January issue and yes I know our December issue is already out there, but you know what? Its Christmas&! It only seems like yesterday that I was saying that for the 2009 Christmas edition, time has certainly flown by this year. I don’t know if that’s because I’m old, but years don’t seem to be as long as they once were. However time seems to stand still for the families of deployed service men and women, that six or seven month tour seems to last forever – conflicts rip families apart, but life has to go on and it’s especially hard at special times and Christmas is certainly that. I was recently talking to a young girlfriend of a member of 40 Commando who in her own words said “I missed him whilst he was deployed” and added ” I wouldn’t be able to cope if he was away at Christmas”, but families do just that, they cope, they have to. So whilst you’re spending Christmas with your loved ones at home this year, give our brave young men and women a thought, because not only are they away from their loved ones, they choose to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their loved ones at home and ultimately our great nation. We here at Raider are exceptionally proud of the men and women that make up our armed forces (that’s why we publish Raider).

To all of our deployed troops we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe deployment. Paul

Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 8 (In stock)

December 2010

We start this issue off with the tragic news of the death of Scottish Aid worker Linda Norgrove, who was taken hostage by a group believed to be Taliban. There are conflicting reports on how the 36 year old Aid worker was killed. One report suggests that she was killed by a captors triggering a suicide bomb, the other suggests that she was killed by a grenade thrown by a member of the US Special Forces who were tasked with her rescue mission. Whatever the outcome of the ensuing investigation, it was a needless waist of life. If and it’s a big “IF” the investigation uncovers that indeed it was a grenade that killed Miss Norgrove  what the hell was that individual thinking off? It’s very easy for me to make that comment sitting here in front of my keyboard, but come on these are US Special Forces (the very best the US military have)- highly trained serious operators. Even I know there are better options (less lethal) available to clear rooms especially if there are friendly’s or in Miss Norgrove’s case a retrieval package at the location. Our thoughts and prayers are with Miss Norgrove’s family at what must be a horrific time for them.

Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 7 (In stock)

November 2010

Memories Way back in 2007 we were amongst the invited few to preview Bushmaster ACR at the 2007 Shot Show, back then the working name for this new assault rifle was the Masada. But since then Bushmaster entered into a licensing agreement with Magpul whereby Bushmaster would take over production, future development and sales of the Masada. This rifle is essentially a patent pending self-loading rifle platform designed by Magpul Industries of Erie, Colorado. The rifle was initially developed over a period of four months, completely independent of US government funding and its here in this issue of Raider in our ever popular Fire power section for you all to see in all of its refined glory. Just in case you are wondering this rifle original named “Masada” pretty much comes from the Siege of Masada, however Magpuls original accompanying documentation stated that, “Magpul Industries is not Jewish owned or Israeli backed, however Magpul has always found the story of the Masada as a bold example of defiance. When production rights were signed with Bushmaster, the Masada name was quickly dropped from the project.


On the cover A soldier serving with Somme Company 1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment Picture by Cpl. Barry Lloyd RLC


Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 6 (In stock)

October 2010

 All MTP’ed up

A few issues ago we reported on the new camouflage that was to be issued to deployed troops and then would eventually filter through to the entire British Armed forces. As I suspect you were quite keen to find out how this variant of Multicam stood up to the rigors of Afghanistan?

The first thing that came back from a number of soldiers in Afghanistan was the fact that the British Armed forces lost their unique identity and just became another Multicam wearing nation. The second and most damming report suggests that the Under Armour style shirts are not even standing up to a single patrol. We know of one Captain (who has asked to remain anonymous) is on his 4th shirt in as many weeks, but then again on the other hand a source within 40 Commando informed us that they are more than happy with their new MTP kit, however one complaint we seem to hear more often than not is the lack of MTP accessories, which seems to be forcing our front line troops into buying off the shelf multicam products.

We here at Raider know from experience that the MOD believes that it provides the best possible products to our troops on the front line, but we’ve all seen the numerous reports that bang on about the shortage of essential gear. So from where we are sitting and in our opinion they clearly don’t. It doesn’t help that as far as we are aware the MOD have not issued any licences for any tactical gear manufactures to reproduce MTP.

So all we can say is “come on Mr MOD pull your finger out and supply what our guys need” and stop our brave young men and women dipping into their own pockets and buying kit that you should be supplying.

Volume 3, Issue 5 (In stock)

September 2010

The Enemy within

As we go off to press with this issue sadly the MOD announced the deaths of another three British Soldiers serving in Afghanistan. Tragically it’s an all too common occurrence as our brave young men and women put themselves in harm’s way to fight the Taliban. The Three soldiers of the 1st Battalion the Royal Gurkha Rifles where killed in a suspected premeditated attack by a member of the Afghan National Army, using a combination of weapons. The MOD suspects that these were the actions of a lone individual who has betrayed his ISAF and Afghan comrades. At present we are led to believe that this lone gunman’s wareabouts are unknown, but we are informed that strenuous efforts are being made to find him. Spokesperson for the MOD added “He should know that his actions will not deter us from our task and we will continue to work closely with our Afghan friends to bring security to Helmand. “Three courageous and dedicated soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice. They will be greatly missed and their actions will not be forgotten. We will remember them”.

The entire staff of Raider Magazine would like to extend their sympathy to the families of the three soldiers and look forward to the day that this cowardly individual is brought to justice.

To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe.

Volume 3, Issue 4 (In stock)

August 2007

New Friends

As from this issue forward we here at Raider have teamed up with combat stress to highlight conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and to bring it out of the closet and above all let our brave young men and women know that there is an origination that can help them. Since 2005 the number of ex-Service men and women seeking their help has risen by 72%. They have a current caseload of more than 4,300 individuals, which already includes 102 Veterans who have served in Afghanistan and 400 who served in Iraq. In March 2010 their Patron HRH The Prince of Wales launched their major fundraising campaign  The Enemy Within Appeal. The £30 million, three-year appeal is designed to help them treat the escalating number of psychologically injured Veterans who are turning to them for help, by: establishing 14 Community Outreach Teams nationwide plus clinical treatment at our three short-stay treatment centres, raising awareness of the plight of Veterans with mental health injuries and encouraging Veterans and their families to seek help earlier: as believe it or not it currently takes 14 years from Service discharge. Let’s not forget it’s not just the physically wounded that come back from theatre.

Raider is proud to support Combat Stress

Volume 3, Issue 3 (In stock)

July 2010


As publishers we have a commitment to our readers and Advertisers, we try to deliver our publication on time, with current informative editorial. We know that we deliver this because of our increasing circulation and constant feedback we get from you guys. However recently we had a huge spanner thrown in the works that has meant that we have had to pull our belts in (as a number of other publishers also have) as we deal with the fallout of our distribution company failing. The ramifications will certainly be felt for a long time by the UK news trade with publishers bearing the brunt. However we have been one of the lucky ones as we have managed to move our whole distribution over to our new partners Comag. So what does this all mean? I’ll tell you- it means that Raider will become bigger and better than ever before, with Comags help and complete understanding of our products we will be ramping up our news trade availability and visibility, not only here but all over the world. I just hope that other publishers out there who were/are MMC clients can withstand the financial crisis that through no fault of their own find themselves in. To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. The Future is bright the futures RAIDER…..

Volume 3, Issue 2 (In stock)

June 2010

It’s all change here at FOB Raider This month not only see’s a number of changes out in Afghanistan as units return home and are replaced in strategic patrol bases and FOB’s, but yet again its all change here at FOB Raider. As publishers we are never quite happy nor satisfied with Raider (you may have noticed a number of small tweaks over the last few editions?) it’s all to do with the evolution of Raider. We make no apology that we want to be the best Independent Military publication out there (from the feedback that you guys are giving us) we are certainly on the right tracks. For us it’s all about providing a service and building a trusted brand. There is one part of the building blocks to Raiders success that we have never been happy with (so if you’re not happy with things you change them) and that’s what we are planning to do. Our in theatre circulation is second to none (source Higgs International), but our domestic circulation (we’ve always thought needed to be better) not in terms of availability, but more to do with visibility, and much higher market penetration, so to this end we are ramping up our Global in store activity and pushing hard to make sure where there is an outlet for Raider, then Raider is on sale there. To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. The Future is bright the futures RAIDER…..

Volume 3, Issue 1 (In stock)

May 2010

Another year passes by

Who would have thought it, Raider goes into its third year of publishing! We are somewhat different than other publishers out there because for us it’s not about profit or hitting advertising targets or selling last minute deals, it’s all about providing a service and getting copies of Raider into the hands of the people that matter which is you guys our readers. It would be fair to say that we don’t have photographers in the field and why would we want them when we can tie into combat photography teams who are more than happy to supply us with some of the best in theatre photography you’ll ever see. There’s no point in us putting reporters in the field, because we get first hand accounts from the people that matter, Soldiers, Sailors and Aircrew, with amazing insights that no reporter, however good he or she is will ever be able to supply. Raider is unique and will continue to be so. To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. The Future is bright the futures RAIDER…..

Volume 2, Issue 12 (In stock)

April 2010

Right on Target

Sifting through the mail we get from ISAF troops, it seems that Raider is rapidly becoming a firm favourite, it seems that you guys simply can’t get enough of our no BS approach to kit testing and gear reviews. Raider is attracting two very distinct sides to our readership, which in turn is generating some interesting feedback. But because we want to improve what is already a very popular publication, we will be in the next few editions publishing an independent reader’s survey (basically to find out more about you guys). A successful publication attracts exclusive advertisers as they believe that the publication they have selected can deliver, and deliver Raider does- despite Raider being the cheapest subscription package out there, we’ve pulled off yet another exclusive offer. Working with Highlander we are offering the first twenty subscribers (from this issue) a completely FREE Pro force Tomahawk pack worth a whooping £56.99  that’s almost £100 of free gifts when you subscribe for £25.00. We can only offer this gift to UK subscribers though. And if that’s not enough we’re gearing up and working with partners such as Thatch Reed and Osprey publishing to cover mount some amazing freebees, but that’s not all, over the coming months we will also be publishing a number of posters and other cool stuff, that we know your gonna love. To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. The Future is bright the futures RAIDER…..

Volume 2, Issue 11 (In stock)

March 2010

Winning the battle…

Returning home from what was yet another amazing SHOT show (If not a bit wet) who would have thought it? Flood warning in Nevada … what’s the world coming to? Anyway we’ve got a whole heap of exclusives for you guys. Such as the all new very first jumpable plate carrier, that we know you airborne guys are gonna want. Talking about the Airborne, we’ve just struck a deal with 16 Air Assault (through PJHQ) where we will be sending you guys Raider each and every month (Keep an eye out in your respective messes). Okay so what does that mean, well we are setting our stall out and want every British soldier out there; wherever you may be, to receive a FREE copy of Raider, yes that’s right a FREE copy. Don’t get us wrong our newstrade distribution is extremely important to us and going extremely well, but we want to be able to put Raider into the hands of the guys that need it the most and that’s why you can pick up a FREE copy of Raider in Iraq and Afghanistan

Volume 2, Issue 10 (In stock)

February 2007

Shot Show…..

As you guys receive this issue the Raider Crew will be representing the UK at the 2010 Shot Show. Put simply the Shot Show or the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for all professionals involved with the shooting sports and hunting industries. It is the world’s premier expo of combined firearms, ammunition, archery, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics, camping and related products and services. The SHOT Show attracts buyers from all 52 states (in the US) and more than 75 countries from around the world. This is the fifth time we will be there flying the flag, but more importantly Raider will be bringing you the low-down on what’s hot at the Shot Show in terms of new gear and equipment the year. To all our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe

Volume 2, Issue 9 (In stock)

January 2010

Welcome to 2010………

As the world slips effortlessly into a brand new year, we here at Raider (as I’m sure you) can’t help but wonder what’s in store. From our point of view its quite simple – more of what you guys have come to love about Raider, more tried and tested, more group tests and gear reviews (not to mention a whole heap of exclusive editorial). But unfortunately for our brave deployed soldiers, Airmen and Sailors 2010 will be full of uncertainty. It’s a sad fact of war that there will be more pain and sorrow and ultimately the loss of life. Our Brave Service men and women don’t ask you to feel sorry for them, but to support them, but more importantly remember their wounded and dead. 2009 was a tough year and I suspect it’s only going to get tougher. One thing that I can say for certain is that Raider will be supporting our troops (wherever they may be) and I would ask that our readers do the same. We here at Raider are extremely proud of our brave young men and women out on the front line and would like to wish each and every one of you a Happy and SAFE New Year.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you guys and especially your families. To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe.

Volume 2, Issue 7 (In stock)

November 2009

The digital age

Who would have thought it? Seventeen months ago when we launched Raider, we were looking to establish a foothold on the Military publications market (that we achieved relatively easily), we then looked to support out troops, that again was done with minimum of effort (first came our circulation into Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Marine Decompression Centre) – which in turn gave us the highest penetration of any publisher into theatre, now we are pulling out all the stops to offer a state of the art version of Raider. It’s not a simple down loadable pdf file (but you do have that option), it’s a stunning digitalised version of Raider that not only allows you to zoom in but flick the pages. The technology is there to allow us to have direct hyper links off our advertisers pages straight to their web site and also the ability to replace all of the images with streaming video clips (that’s going to come on line a bit later). But for now point your browser at kick back and take a look at the sample on-line. What makes this appealing is that the digital subscriptions price will be a fraction of our paper price and we all know that that’s one of the cheapest out there. The downside is no free gifts just the cheaper digital version. Informed readers are happy readers that will buy with confidence. You can trust Raider, British troops do. To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe

Volume 2, Issue 6 (In stock)

October 2009

Upwards and Onwards

Raider has pretty much found its own niche within the military market and continues to set standards, not only in design and exclusive content, but perhaps more importantly distribution and availability and that’s all thanks to you – Our readers. So to celebrate Raiders continued success we’ve increased the issue size and launched yet another new section called “Gallery”. It’s all about you guys, it’s about ordinary people performing extraordinary jobs so if you have a picture (whether it be On patrol, in the back of a chopper, sitting about a fob, having a laugh or simply chilling then we’d love to see it, what’s more if your picture is published in the gallery section we’ll send you out a little something to say thanks- so turn to page 8 and 9 and see if you can spot yourself. You’ll also notice a major influx of advertisers into this issue- why? That’s simple because Raider gets the job done; we deliver our publication to a hungry audience. Informed readers are happy readers that will buy with confidence. You can trust Raider, British troops do. To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe.

Volume 2, Issue 5 (In stock)

September 2009

Lets all take a moment

Recently we have received quite a few emails from readers asking us “if the war in Afghanistan is worth it?” I guess the mails are a knee jerk reaction to the high amount of fatalities in the month of July; it’s certainly a political hot potato. Are we pro war? Anyone that is would be mad, but we here at Raider are extremely proud off and pro our Armed forces and the hard and evidentially dangerous work they are doing. One of the emails pointed out (all be it miss guided) that Raider is making money off the war because of our distribution into theatre. That is the furthest thing from the truth; yes we have the highest penetration of any publisher into Afghanistan, but it’s all FREE, we are here to support our troops and supply them with an informative publication and an insight on gear that no other military publisher does. This month British soldiers have certainly been taking a pounding, with 19 to date of our brave boys paying the ultimate sacrifice. Since the conflict started too many of our troops and MOD civilians have died while serving in Afghanistan but let us not forget why they are there. Let’s all take a moment and remember these brave individuals and their ultimate sacrifice. To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe

Volume 2, Issue 4 (In stock)

August 2009

What’s it all about?

Recently I’ve been asked “what’s with the price drop on Raider subscriptions?” It would be easy to reply “because we can” but in truth it’s all in our master plan, we’ve moved to a new magazine distribution company and invested a huge amount into in-store promotions (throughout the world), we’ve listened to you our rapidly expanding readership, changed a few things and are now entering our new phase of growth. It’s never been about making a fast buck, but about providing a service. We’ve achieved a small part of that by having the largest penetration in Iraq and Afghanistan of any publisher (Source PJHQ) and now we want to become the biggest selling Independent publication out there. And you know what; with the support that you guys are giving us it won’t be too long before we have achieved that. By achieving this it means that we are doing our jobs properly. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have an all singing all dancing virtual edition of Raider out there so it will be even easier to get your favourite military magazine. The futures bright, the future is Raider.

To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe.

Volume 2, Issue 3 (In stock)

July 2009

Listening to you

As we roll out the response for the reader’s survey, it’s become clear to us that you guys want more Unit Profiles; On Patrol features and much more Tried and Tested, so here’s what we have done. First off, we have increased our extremely popular Tried and Tested section to three pages this issue, we’ve dropped the Company Profile section and replaced it with an amazing insight into the US Special Forces community. As I write this foreword I’m sitting in the Officers’ Mess of 16 Air Assault as an invited member of the press to follow the Potential Young officers of the Parachute Regiment. This exclusive series of articles will build into a definitive guide to show you our readers what it takes to become an officer in the Parachute Regiment. Raider will be following the chosen few over the next year through the entire process, visiting Sandhurst, P Company, Platoon Commanders Course and eventually deploying with a newly qualified Parachute Regiment young officer. Raider has been working closely with the Defence Imagery team (with the correct guidance and following the correct procedures) to insure that we have an ample supply of photography (under the news of offsetting rule) to promote the British Armed Forces no matter where they are in the world. The futures bright, the future is Raider.

To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. Ebcon publishing is proud to support Help for Heroes

Volume 2, Issue 2 (In stock)

June 2009

Oh my…

Wow what a month it’s been for us here at Raider, one thing that’s for certain you guys loved our subs offer and guess what? Because of the huge response we got it’s here to stay. Yep that’s right a recession busting £25.00 that makes us the cheapest subscription of any Military publication here in the UK (don’t forget that a fiver of that goes straight to Help for Hero’s) and why I hear you asking? That’s simple Raider is not all about making money, it’s about providing a service and making sure you the reader gets value for money and Raider is certainly providing that. One of the questions we get asked a lot is that once the UK forces withdraw from Iraq, what’s going to happen with our circulation into theatre? The answer to that is pretty simple. We will keep up our penetration, but just shift our copies around slightly, which means that there will be more availability in Afghanistan and at the same time we will be increasing our availability on British bases, whilst investing a huge amount into our in store promotions and news trade presence.

The futures bright, the future is Raider


To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. Ebcon publishing is proud to support Help for Heroes

Volume 2, Issue 1 (In stock)

May 2006

Look at us now

Who would have thought it, a year on and we have a successful publication. This issue (Volume 2 Issue 1) is where we start turning the heat up and celebrating the fact that you the reader have turned Raider into a must have publication. So to celebrate our success we’ve dropped our subscription cost right down to the ground. A credit crunch busting £25.00 will now get you 12 issues of your favourite Military publication delivered right to your door each and every month (that’s a massive saving of £20 off our original subscription price) and if that’s not enough we felt that it was about time that we gave some back to the industry that we report on so as from this issue £5.00 of every subscription received will be donated to The Help for Hero’s fund. Raider for us is not about making a quick buck or turning a fast profit, it’s about providing a service and that’s why we have the largest penetration of any publisher into Iraq and Afghanistan (source PJHQ). This year will also see a major investment into our worldwide news trade presence and availability (which can only be a good thing).


We’ve also been listening to you guys and have changed a few things with this issue. Out goes the camo section and in comes more of the coverage you asked for. Direct Action – News from the front line is a new section that brings you all of the Direct Action news from all of the units that are deployed. Also it seems that our gear tests are going down a treat and again we’ve listened to you guys and with this issue we are launching yet another new section. Group tests, it’s all about essential gear huddled together and tested. We’ve also extended our Tried and Tested staff, Liam Owen who joins us as an ex Royal Marine Commando with over 12 year’s service.


The futures bright, the future is Raider

Volume 1, Issue 12 (In stock)

April 2009

For those of you who have been part our readership for the last few months perhaps I don’t really need to introduce myself. I have been writing for ‘Raider’ from its first publication – first with ‘Tried and Tested’ and also with occasional articles on military units and equipment. As you will have read last month, the Publishing Director, Paul Monaf recently invited me to take over the newly created position of Military Editor. I want to put over twenty years of military experience primarily within Commando and Special Forces at the service of the magazine.

Volume 1, Issue 11 (In stock)

March 2009

It’s all change here at Raider

Hello and welcome back to Raider (the fastest growing in terms of circulation) Independent magazine in the UK. Now before other publishers start wagging a disapproving finger at us what we mean by this is that our circulation simply continues to grow. Not only have we been asked by soldiers and our military contact to increase the levels of issues to Iraq and Afghanistan, but now we can proudly announce that Raider is available to Royal Marines as they come home through the Decompression facility in Cyprus, which means that for our advertisers and supporters we can boast an even bigger and more targeted audience, plus our global news trade circulation has never looked better and in fact this year we are committed to have a more visible presents throughout the world. Talking of Royal Marines we here at Raider can proudly announce that we have appointed a Military Editor (Dave Devenney) who you all know through our unique Tried and tested section. Dave will be responsible for a number of sections within Raider and joins the team with loads of new ideas and feedback from the military world, which we will be implementing over the coming months. Watch this space for a new and improved tri service edition of your favourite independent military magazine.

Volume 1, Issue 10 (In stock)

February 2009

Flying the Flag

By the time you guys are reading this the Raider crew will have visited the Shot Show in the US and flown the flag for the British Armed forces. The Shot Show just in case you’re not aware of it is the biggest collection of Military and shooting suppliers assembled under one roof anywhere in the World, we where there last year when we launched Raider. This year we’re going back with a product that has rapidly established itself as a global Military information resource and a firm favourite of you our readers. Over the coming months we’ll be taking a detailed and in some cases an exclusive look at the new products to come out of the show.

Volume 4, Issue 8 (In stock)

December 2011

The fall of Gaddafi

Way back in 1969 when he seized power in a bloodless military coup, a self-styled disciple of President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt who even adopted the same military rank as he went from a young Captain to self-proclaimed Colonel overnight. But let’s face it, it was nothing more than the wealth of oil that spurred him on as he sent out to readdress the balance between Libya and the foreign petroleum companies that controlled the countries rich oil field. His 42-year reign made him the fourth longest-ruling non-royal leader since 1900, as well as the longest-ruling Arab leader until recently when his government was overthrown in a civil war which consisted of a popular uprising aided by a foreign intervention. He vigorously styled himself as “the Brother Leader” and “Guide of the Revolution”; in 2008 a meeting of traditional African rulers bestowed on him the title “King of Kings. Very early on during his regime, Gaddafi and his family pretty much took over the economy. Gaddafi started several wars and acquired chemical weapons. The United Nations called Libya under Gaddafi a pariah state. The 1980s saw countries around the world imposing sanctions against Gaddafi. These international actions led to the 2011 Libyan Civil War, which included a military intervention by a NATO-led coalition to enforce a UN Security Council Resolution 1973 calling for a no-fly zone and protection of civilians in Libya. The assets of Gaddafi and his family were frozen, and both Interpol and the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants on 27 June for Gaddafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and his brother-in-law Abdullah. Gaddafi and his forces lost the Battle of Tripoli in August and on 16 September 2011 the NTC took Libya’s seat at the UN, replacing Gaddafi. He retained control over parts of Libya, most notably the city of Sirte. Although Gaddafi’s forces initially held out against the NTC’s advances, Gaddafi was captured as Sirte, and shot dead soon after.

Raider – Finger on the trigger, Boots on the ground!

Volume 1, Issue 9 (In stock)

January 2009

Going places

It’s a bit surreal sitting in the safety of an office writing the January issues foreword in November, but I can’t help think about 2009 and where were going to be and what’s in store for us (but more importantly for you our readers). Well first of all our business circulation is on the increase, there are great things planned for the circulation of Raider to the British armed forces, our numbers are about to double in Iraq and Afghanistan and we’re rolling Raider out to a number of British bases throughout the rest of the world. Our editorial team (admittedly quite young) are making friends all over the place and as a direct result we have been invited on a number of away days (watch this space for some amazing location reports). Simply put Raider is getting better and better.

Volume 1, Issue 8 (In stock)

December 2008

Slapped wrists

Okay I’ll admit it I screwed up (well kind of) in the last issue of Raider I thought that I’d place a catchy tag line to this part of Raider “If in doubt empty your mag out” How wrong were we! (Thanks for the hundreds of emails). The rules of engagement for our troops deployed and I suspect other nation’s troops are very specific and if anything completely the reverse of my catchy tag line. As publishers we sometimes forget what impact a publication can have on its readership (this one certainly did) and were very sorry. Who would have thought it? Its Christmas already Its a great time of year (I love it)! I know I look forward to Christmas morning and racing the kids downstairs to see what Father Christmas has left us. The look on their faces, Turkey, stuffing, drinking too much and having loved ones close makes it all worthwhile but for some families this year their loved ones aren’t going to be with them. Fathers, Mothers, Boyfriends, Girlfriends and good friends are going to be away putting themselves in harm’s way on Christmas day (as they have done all year round). For what it’s worth all of the thousands of unsung heroes and their families who have already sacrificed so much, you’ll be in our thought and I suspect our readers thoughts over this festive period. To all of our troops wherever they may be? Keep your head down and stay safe. If in doubt DON’T empty your mag out. Ebcon publishing is proud to support Help for Heroes

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